Just In: New set of militants arises in Sokoto state [SEE THE WAY THEY OPERATE]


Former Governor of Sokoto, Aminu Tambuwal

A new set of militants have risen in Nigeria, collecting "zakat" from residents of Sokoto state and seriously beating up anyone who refuses to pay, according to BBC Hausa.

According to this report, two suspects were alleged to have been abducted in some villages in Tangaza Local Government Area, according to a local resident.

The man who demanded his release for security reasons said the members of the group were "paying zakat from the robbers," and they "scourged the people who did things that violated the laws of Islam."

He also noted that there were more than 200 members of the group, including fulani and ravaged Arabs with guns and guns.

'They go home-to-house for money, a lamb will give the naira 2000, and the buyer will give the naira 500.'

The man also confessed that they were taking children in the bush, teaching them some things, "if they were to bring them back, they would give them a motorcycle."

The Tangaza region in Sokoto State is near neighboring Niger, suspected of new members coming in.

This issue has led to security threats in the area, and security officials have not yet confirmed this.

In the past, a secret statement contained in a web-based mail was posted on the release of a religious group called Suremen in the states of Adamawa and Nasarawa, which led to the military forces and the rest of the party. security forces in the group.

Religious clergymen have described such groups as dangerous in Nigeria, considering the situation in which the country has been identified as a Boko Haram crisis.