Bizarre! Dead man wins election in the US


A dead man have won a seat in the US state of Nevada, in the just concluded US mid-term elections, according to Huffington Post.

According the report, Dennis Hof died unexpectedly in mid-October but his name wasn't removed from the ballot, according to the Nevada law.

However, election officials have said he won a seat in Nevada's State Assembly, with 53% of the votes cast in his Clark County, beating Democrat, who is a school administrator and political newcomer, Lesia Romanov, who got just 47% of the votes.

Hof had tried to mould his political image after President Donald Trump, often refering to himself as "Trump from Pahrump" after his hometown in Nevada, sources say.

Hof was found dead as Love Ranch, one of his legal brothrels, after his 72nd birthday party, which featured guests such as legendary porn star Ron Jeremy and potential Repulican Senate candiate Joe Arpaio.

Despite the outcome, there are procedures in place to ensure local county commissioners may appoint another Republican to fill his seat.

Meanwhile, the US election system have been mocked for this strange and rare occurrence.