WOW! Woman accuses Ronado of rape [SEE DETAILS INSIDE]

A woman have accused Juventus striker, Cristano Ronlado of rape, according to German magazine De Spiegel.

34-year-old Kathryn Mayorga claimed she was raped by the Portuguese star in 2009 and paid $375,000 as hush money. The German tabloid went on to say that the woman's lawyer is currently "questioning the validity of that out-of-court settlement in a civil complaint in Nevada".

This accusation was first reported by the same magazine a year and half ago, claiming that the football star raped her anally, after receiving the related documents from Football Leaks, the football version of WikiLeaks.

Mayorga has now publicly spoken for the first time about her encounter with Ronaldo thorugh the magazine, saying "by this time, he's (...) on his knees. He says the 99 percent thing."

Adding, she said that he was a "good guy" except for the "one percent."

However, Ronaldo have denied the accusations last year, claiming the sex was concesual, but her lawyer exposed a document, which includes Ronaldo's description of what happened, and Ronaldo was quoted as saying,"she said no and stop several times."

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