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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Man cuts off manhood while watching porn (Graphic images)

A man have been rushed to the hospital in Thailand after he severed his own manhood with a knife while watching porn, Dailymail reveals.

According to the report, 30-year-old Whisanu Srisanao, while watching hardcore porn on his smartphone, got excited. Then he got grabbed a knife and started slicing his penis until there was blood all over the apartment.

Srisanao, who initially tried to stop the blood flow by himself had to call paramedics after discovering that he could not.

Reports said doctors arrived around 10.45 pm to find him naked and holding his genitals in the fourth-floor apartment in the Khet Nong Chok district.

The paramedic, who treated him stated that he was unwilling to co-operate fully.

Srisanao is currently being treated at hospital Navamin 9, and he is said to be recovering fast.

The doctor said he will be released because there are no long-term damages on the penis other than a nasty scar.

See graphic images below.