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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Corruption: Buhari haven't learnt from previous mistakes, elder statesmen claims

President Muhammadu Buhari have been knocked by two elder statesmen who claimed he hasn't learnt from his previous mistakes.

Alhaji Balarabe Musa, a former governor of old Kaduna State, and Dr. Junaid Mohammed, a second republic lawmaker, both insisted that his present adminstration haven't done better on corruption than that of 1983 to 1985 adminstration.

Speaking, Alhaji Musa said,"I agree that it was corruption that sent him out of power in 1985. But the problem is that why is President Buhari allowing corruption to fight him back again in this present government? Why is he not adopting effective measures to tackle corruption in his present government?

“The President seemed not to put the experience from his first government into use in dealing with corruption now. In spite of the experience he gained between 1983 and 1985, you expect him to do better and not allow corruption again to lead to his removal, but we have not seen this.”

On his part Dr. Junaid added,"“The President is being economical with the truth by saying corruption was the reason he was ousted in 1985. He is lying. There were so many issues in 1985 which Buhari does not want to admit, which are still germane till now.

“It is too simplistic for him to claim that corruption sent him out of power. No, I don’t agree that it was corruption. It was a coup held for many factors such as individual ambitions and the national situation.”

It can be recalled that President Buhari claimed, during his inauguration of the new corporate headquarters of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Abuja on Tuesday had said during his rule as a military head of state, he was ousted from office and detained for three years for fighting corruption.